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Election Time For Chicago Local Union

Guess who coming out of the woodworks? The local union officers running for re-election! Who you don’t see, who you don’t hear from and who also tell you that management have the right to violate your rights. Now you have

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What’s Up with Chicago Local Union Dues???

Hello brothers and sisters, It’s always a pleasure to keep the members informed in hopes that you will get involved. During my regular attendance at the monthly union meetings, I’ve come to learn that the union is spending more money than

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Transfer of Funds From Local 7011 to Local 0001

 In March 2015, the court recently granted the National APWU motion to dismiss Local 7011 complaint. Local 7011 is not pursuing further legal action.  We reached out to arrange a transfer of funds from Local 7011 to Chicago Local 0001, there is $94,819.00 in

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Democracy Is For Those Who Are Willing To Fight For It

Hello sisters and brothers it’s always a pleasure to serve you and speak with you. This site is to provide communication for you the membership. The best way to keep our members informed is through newsletters or a website. But

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