Democracy Is For Those Who Are Willing To Fight For It

20141208_212026Hello sisters and brothers it’s always a pleasure to serve you and speak with you. This site is to provide communication for you the membership. The best way to keep our members informed is through newsletters or a website. But to stop informing and educating our members is foolish. You pay dues and have a right to know what’s going on; we need to remind each other that we are in this together. Members are the life line of the union and the union strength depends on the loyalty of its members. One of the biggest challenges for unions is maintaining loyal membership. A common denominator in maintaining a loyal membership is communication. However; communication involves a lot more than passing down information from union officials to members. In order to keep people motivated and interested they must be included. This means you must be a part of what’s going on, be included in the group and not be made to feel like an outsider. The union is always working to protect your rights.  We will use every opportunity to include the membership in a newsletter, “Members Speak Out” a column that randomly selects members and ask for their opinions on various issues. In these uncertain times for the postal service, it’s more important than ever to communicate with all of our members. Union meetings unfortunately are not always the best answer because scheduled meetings are not always convenient for member’s schedules. It is our responsibility to investigate unfair practices and help protect membership rights in the workplace.  Members should be able to work in a fair, safe, and professional environment. With your involvement we can accomplish this task and secure a future for the next generation of postal workers.
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