Do you know the financial status of your local ?

Greetings my brothers and sisters, It's always a pleasure  to keep you informed in hopes that you will get involved.  Brothers and sisters our local (Chicago Local) is in a financial crises. I have been attending the General membership meetings monthly; I have learned that our Secretary Treasure has been operating without a budget and has not been following the Chicago Local Constitution and By-Laws. Under Article 5 Section 1.  State the Secretary Treasure prepare a written report of all actives, attendance, issues, vote count by officers of each Executive Board meetings and present to membership at next general membership meeting.  The officers failed to follow this article. The Chicago Local had an outstanding debt in the amount of $284,910.00 owed to 35 creditors.  The sale of the previous property was sold on October 17, 2014 for $1.5 million dollars and over $96,000 was transferred over from the O'Hare Midway T Local to pay off the above and future debts. There was the purchase of a vacant building at 4217 south Halsted, Chicago Illinois 60609  In 2015 and the Executive Board hired a project manager to handle the renovation of the old Teamsters Union Hall.  The members have the right to know the cost of the building and renovation. As of March, 2015 it was stated that our local had a balance of $658,295 dollars.  As of November, 2015 the general account showed a balance of $24,292 dollars.  In theses challenging times member involvement is necessary in order to hold our union staff accountable and move forward with integrity.   Poor Representation United States Postal Service workers are seeing the high wages chipped away and many are concerned about outsourcing.  Currently the representation of our local is being questioned, membership dues are diminishing and there are complaints of a lack of direction and transparency.  Until next time Stand up, Be Informed and Get Involved.   
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