What’s Up with Chicago Local Union Dues???

Hello brothers and sisters, It's always a pleasure to keep the members informed in hopes that you will get involved. During my regular attendance at the monthly union meetings, I've come to learn that the union is spending more money than what's coming in. The Chicago Local Union, president and secretary treasure has been operating without a budget since taking office, in turn the union dues are not being managed properly. Recently there has been allegations regarding personal use of some of the money such as purchasing food for  executive board meetings and taking out a loan. In September 2015 the secretary treasure took out a $20,000 loan an failed to mention it in the general membership meetings. In 2016 the president and the secretary treasure took out another loan in the amount of $350,000 without the approval of the executive board and it has never been mentioned at the general membership meetings. I also learned while attending a union meeting that in order to become a Stewart you have to take a class, pass a test and be considered. According to the Chicago Constitution and Bylaws you only have to be a member in good standards to qualify for any position including stewards. The president and secretary treasure are operating outside of the union constitution and bylaws; they are deceiving the membership by not being transparent, partaking in reckless spending while using union headquarters as collateral. The member are responsible for paying a debt they know nothing about, so I ask you....... Are your dues working for you? Do you know how your dues are being spent? Stand up, be informed and get involved.    
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