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Hello brothers and sisters, I’m wishing you and your family a safe, prosperous holiday season in the coming months. The APWU National Officers in Washington D.C. had their election October 7, 2016; we congratulate the National President Mark Dimondstein and the other elected national officers, who will continue the fight in maintaining and growing a stronger union.   We should receive retroactive pay for pay period 22, this November. (Don’t spend it all in one place)   The Chicago Local president, since taking office in 2014 has not established a Labor Management meeting with the Chicago District Manager. The officers have not renewed the Local Memorandum of Understanding (LMOU); which could have held management accountable to all the changes that were implemented in the work place. The unfair practices in maintenance Promotion Eligibility Register for Building Equipment Mechanic or Group Leader-custodial, has caused some of our members in maintenance to be affected. In addition, Motor Vehicle and Clerk crafts details are assigned to handpicked favorers, from  office politics, and bias supervisors.  With a new LMOU we can stop unfair practices and request that details should be posted and awarded to successful senior bidders.   In closing, the Chicago Local president and the secretary treasurer have deceived us and continue to lie about a trustworthy informative member, who keeps you informed of their incompetent behavior. The misappropriation of union dues will be exposed at a later date.    
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