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                        Knowledgeable Representatives 

                                Building For the Future – Today

Building the APWU Chicago Local Union, next generation of stewards and representatives can’t wait.  The Chicago Postal Service new style of management is ignoring your rights and the contract.

What we need is new representation, I’m not talking about the USPS ban of employee’s representation which is a shame and we all know it. We need to elect Knowledgeable Representatives who can sit down with management and bargain for what is important to the workers.

New opportunities lie ahead for APWU Chicago members.  A Knowledgeable Representative Team, will ensure that we have a skilled workforce of stewards who continues to fight for labor rights that deliver the advantage that protect our members, our families and our democracy.

We know what works and we know what doesn’t. Join us in strengthening the APWU Chicago Local Union and VOTE for the Knowledgeable Representatives Team.

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