Donald Greer

I’d like to share a snapshot of my background and experience, I was born in Chicago Illinois completed my education in the public school system I went on to college and majored in business management and political science. I served my country in the United States Marine Corp. I started my career with the United States Postal Service in August, 1983 as a letter carrier. I also held the following positions in the Chicago area.
  • Union Steward with the National Association of Letter Carriers.
  • Parcel Post and Collections Driver.
  • Specialist in delivery program.
  • Supervisor of Customer Service.
  • Manager of Customer Service Station.
  • President of APWU O’Hare Midway T Local 7011
  I had a two year leave in my career and returned back in April, 2000 assigned to Irving Park Road as a clerk. In 2007 I was excess out to Chicago International Military Service Center. MY GOALS My goal is to work with each one of you, so we understand the procedures and rights as members united in the union. We will improve the future of our union as we handle the budget, contract negotiations, grievances and the conduct of other businesses affecting the welfare of our union members. Under my leadership you can expect: Positive Change, Integrity, Consistency and Equality for everyone in the union and I will operate with an open door policy and integrity in protecting your interests. Democracy is for those who are willing to fight for it.